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Simply put, Lennox believes in supporting our customers – and the dealers who serve them – more than any other company.

We’re dedicated to providing the most innovative and highest-quality products on the market, sold by dealers who have the expertise and resources that are necessary to serve homeowners in the best possible way. For over 120 years, we’ve focused on delivering our values of trust, innovation, and quality – values you’ll see in the products we sell and the dealers who represent us.


Elevating Comfort in the Home


There are a lot of factors that go into creating Ultimate Comfort, and Lennox
excels at every one of them.

Precision Temperature Control: Temperature swings don’t feel good, which is why many Lennox systems can hold temperatures within half a degree of the
setting on your thermostat.

Quiet: Distracting sounds take away from the enjoyment of your environment. Lennox uses innovations like SilentComfortTM technology to make sure our equipment respects the peace and quiet of your comfortable space.

Humidity Control: Moisture levels affect your comfort, your health, and your belongings. The precise humidity control offered by Lennox’s variable speed fans and variable capacity A/C deliver a more enjoyable, comfortable environment.

Air Quality: Dirty air isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also affect your health. Lennox air quality products include market-leading solutions like Pure Air® S that delivers cleaner, healthier, more comfortable air than any other solution you can buy.

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Lennox innovation is most apparent in the equipment we manufacture. Take one look at the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection and you can see just how dedicated Lennox is to being the best.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection equipment leads the market in key areas like efficiency, quiet operation, consistent temperatures, and indoor air quality.

Furthermore, our direct distribution model delivers our products from the factory to a large network of local distribution facilities without the added layer of distributor middlemen. No other manufacturer can deliver this speed to market.


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